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It began in 2020. After rescuing an adorable Welsh Corgi Mix (Chestnut), I discovered that he was like no other dog that I’ve ever had before. Unfortunately, he had extreme anxiety, could barely be approached, and I wasn’t able to take him on walks. The fantastic news was that he LOVED to run zoomies around our small yard.

Chestnut is calmer than he was before, and after each run, he gives me a big smile.

See Spot Sprint was created to fulfill a need – Chestnut’s need to “zoom”.


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At this time, See Spot Sprint is only providing service in the Long Beach, CA area.

Some dogs need more than a walk. We are for the dog that needs to exert pent-up energy. And, we are here for dogs experiencing:

  • A little extra weight
  • A little anxiety
  • The need to keep busy to stay out of trouble
  • Extra busy humans (hooMoms & hooDads)
  • Days that are too hot or too wet to have an enjoyable walk

Different breeds have different needs, but exercise can be mentally stimulating for most.

We’ll come to you!

Our climate controlled mobile unit is equipped with a professional canine treadmill (for dogs up to 130 lbs).

Dogs who feel the need to “zoom” will enjoy the ability to exert excess energy for a quick release. Every dog can go at their own pace for a good walk or quick sprint.*


30 minute session – $35/dog*

* Check with your veterinarian to see if a treadmill is a good fit for your dog.

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Monday – Friday: Closed

Saturday & Sunday: 8:00 am – 3:00 pm

Ready to schedule a session? Fill out the Registration Form (below), and schedule your desired time in the calendar below.


SCHEDULE your appointment

Click on “30 Minute Zoomies Session” to reveal available dates/times.

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